A project in which Apolo carries out 5 challenges on 5 continents , over five surfaces , and in 5 different sports . He approach us the planet on which we live , presenting us with different people ( Maori , Tibetan , Nepalese , Berbers , Lapps … ) and shows us geography and images of some of the most scenic places on the planet. A project that proves that dreams and challenges come true if behind are inspiration , motivation and determination.

From this project is published the book La vuelta al mundo en 5 retos.


AFRICA: WATER . Transoceanic Triathlon: Apolo crosses the Strait of Gibraltar swimming , crosses the Atlas range by Mountain Bike, living with Berbers and finally rises by trekking to Toubkal peak at over 4000m . altitude. Flickr gallery


AMERICA. ASPHALT . Staten Island, Brooklyn , Queens , Bronx and Manhattan. New York marathon , the most crowded race in the world. Millions of spectators , bands, live music, gospel … Photo gallery Flickr  . Galería Flickr


EUROPA. ICE. Border to Border. The longest nordic ski crossland, from the russian to the sweddis border, 450kms. distance. Photo Gallery Flickr 


ASIA. LAND Tibet-Himalayas bike crossland, from Lhasa in Tibet to Katmandú in Nepal. 1300kms. and passes over 5000m. altitude. Photo gallery Flickr


OCEANIA. AIRE Climbint to the Mount Aspiring in the neozealand Alps, and jumping from the top by parachuting. Photo gallery Flickr