In this project Apolo Esperanza faces a different marathon in each environment on the planet … from the Arctic to the desert, through the rainforest to the savanna, for it, Apolo will develop different skills in each of them … teamwork, leadership, determination …

From this project is published the book 8 habilidades para afrontar 8 maratones


A marathon in the Mediterranean and a crhono which could not be possible without meeting a value … Teamwork. Photo Gallery Flickr


The world’s most crowded event , a street race also runs a deciduous forest.
No pacers, the distance is measured in miles , the cold , the hilly terrain … achieving the objective depends on the leadership. Photo Gallery Flickr
Photo Gallery Flickr

Wanganui, New Zealand. ADAPTABILITY

A race in a rainy oceanic forest . During the race of the cold morning it rained , then it poured , the wind blew of almost 100 km / h , starting the race was like a swamp and finally the sun shone . The tactic for doing ADAPTABILITY would be to manage change .  Photo Gallery Flickr


The race ends at the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea. A scorching desert and a career which orographic characteristics requires specific preparation : The PLANNING . Photo Gallery Flickr
Photo Gallery Flickr

Kangerlussuak, Greenland. TACTIC

Probably the coolest marathon on earth. The Polar Race Marathon, in the Arctic , ascends the Greenland ice cap to descend to Kangerlussuak town.

What clothes to wear, what shoes to use? Ultimately what TACTICAL to use with so much uncertainty? . Photo Gallery Flickr
Photo Gallery Flickr

Moshi Kilimanjaro, INSPIRATION

A race in the savannah at the foot of Kilimanjaro . Probably the best race average in quality between their runners … Kenyans , Tanzanians , Ethiopians … who give the best of themselves to be signed to the managers who go to see the race.

Inspiration feeds motivation and motivation, also, feeds the discipline to go out and train and achieve your goals as a runner. Photo Gallery Flickr.

St.Petersburg, MOTIVATION

An urban marathon in the boreal limit of the highest forest in the world, the Taiga. Every race requires motivation and if this does not exist, the results do not accompany. Photo Gallery Flickr
Photo Gallery Flickr


The Inca trail marathon, a mountain race that starts of the high jungle and reach the hidden city of Machu Picchu in the jungle, crossing the Andes at over 4000m altitude.

Their preparation and execution require a core competency to carry out: DETERMINATION. Photo Gallery Flickr.
determinación…Photo Gallery Flickr.

Video 8 habilidades para afrontar 8 maratones