Wildmarathon Series is the most varied running circuit on the planet. You will have the opportunity to run on snow in the arctic, sand in the desert, rock in the mountains, dirt in the savannah, and asphalt and beach sand in the jungle. For this, you deserve the ALL TERRAIN trophy “Most complete runner” and to appear in an honorary CLUB for those who complete all 5 races, even if it is over several years.


You will have an individual or team timed classification in each of the races in some of the most extraordinary places on the planet… the arctic, the desert, the jungle… in the marathon, half marathon, and 10k format and with all the control and security measures.


Wild Marathon Series trophy is an annual trophy. In addition to the classification in each race, you can opt for the final annual trophy, adding points in any of the five races throughout the year. To qualify for this award you must score points in a MINIMUM of 2 of the 5 possible races. The annual classification is by points and your TWO BEST results score points, you don’t need run more.


It is a list of the runners who have completed the 5 races of the circuit over time. ALL TERRAIN CLUB is a list in honor of the most complete runners… desert sand, arctic snow, mountain rock, asphalt, land… and they will appear on the list according to how they manage to complete the 5 races in chronological order, no matter how many years it takes you to complete it.