We are aware that we are going to enjoy some of the most intense experiences of our lives in these places. Places of great beauty, such as Natural Parks, that we are going to enjoy and whose memories we will take home, but they are also vulnerable places that in some cases suffer the scourge of nature such as the Nepal Earthquake in 2015, the Hurricanes that devastate the Caribbean coast in Mexico, or in need of development aid and schooling as in Tanzania or Morocco. We think that we have a moral duty to leave something in return in those countries that contribute to making us happy and do not have such an easy life.

The organization will allocate a percentage of the deposit of your registration, through the Hope Path cause, to foundations and local organizations committed to helping local development and environmental conservation that work on different projects:

  • Hospital reconstruction after earthquake in Nepal
  • Water purification station
  • Hospital construction
  • Water purification station
  • Hospital construction
  • Beach cleaning
  • Protection of marine and terrestrial fauna
  • Conservation and support of local artistic and cultural heritage
  • Assistance to environmental research

These are links to the websites of some of the projects