1 km swimming + 25.7 km mountain biking + 7.5K running race




  1. The maximum number of participants will be limited to 250 triathletes.
  2. The responsibility for the technical control of the event shall be the responsibility of the Federation of
    Triathlon of the Valencian Community.
  3. Organized by Oropesa del Mar city council with Geo-Planet sports consultant
  4. It will be allowed to go to wheel, but not between triathletes of different sex.
  5. Participants must wear the bibs provided by the organization without
    No manipulation of them. The use of the rigid helmet is mandatory
    while in contact with the bike.
  6. At the entrance to the transition area, the DNI or federative license must be presented with photo. Accreditation by another athlete will not be allowed.
  7. Participants undertake to respect the rules of the competition, comply with the regulation of the Spanish federation of Triathlon and is recommended to know the circuit.
  8. The organizer warns participants of the risks arising from their participation, which undertake to follow the proposal of informed security measures by the organizer, as indicated in the specific section of the regulation of this competition.
  9. There will be cutting time in the cycling segment, any participant who fails to arrive to the second transition (first segment + transition1 + second segment), in 2h30 ′ Hours will not be allowed to continue on the tricross race


Cadets 15-17 years
Juniors 18-19 years
U23 20-23 years

ABSOLUTE 24-39 years
Veterans I 40-49 years
Veterans II 50-59 years
Veterans III 60 or older


Departure from the beach of the Oropesa del Mar Marina (Castellón) and finish line at the Marina d’Or hotel complex
Transition T1 and T2 Puerto Deportivo Oropesa del Mar
Feeding zones in bike sector km. 7 and in run sector km. 2.5 and finish line
The reception area, collection of numbers in the Marina de Oropesa. Trophy delivery in finish line area.
There will be a cloakroom service.
Briefing at the Oropesa Marina
Pasta dinner.
You can train each of the circuits except in the Marina where it is FORBIDDEN TO SWIM except the day of the race.

They will be carried out exclusively through, section “ONLINE REGISTRATION”, “I TRIATLON CROSS MITIC OROPESA DEL MAR MARINA D’OR
The deadline for registration will be until September 22, 2017, that day inclusive, in strict order of registration.
Federated in triathlon: € 29 (FIRST 30 REGISTRATIONS)
Not federated in triathlon: € 29 + € 10 one-day license. (FIRST 30 REGISTRATIONS)
Registration for relays: € 49 (€ 59 if any is not federated). Indicate in observations the name, surname, ID and date of birth of the members. Registration is strictly prohibited on the day of the test.
Registration will be made by bank transfer to the account number: 0182 0576 52 0201576612 BBVA.
Deadline for return of registration:
The list of registrants can be consulted at:
The chip will be collected on the same day as the test. Any participant who does not have a yellow chip on the property (or who does not take it to the test) must pay € 2 for rent in the timing tent. It can also be purchased at a price of € 18. The rented chip will be returned at the end of the test.
The participant must review the routes, at least in the environment close to the area of transition, for taking into account the own security measures that must have in the competition (recommended speed, special measures of caution for unevenness or areas of curves, etc.).
The organizer will have what is necessary to indicate the areas where these are required safety measures by participants, either at the informational meeting previous (if any), well publishing it on the official board of the test.

The relay race can be carried out, with a participant by sports discipline, taking over in the transition area.

Technical briefing and Pasta dinner the day before in Rte. (Pending to define)


They must be made in writing and presented to the Arbitrator of the evidence, providing proof of payment corresponding to € 50 and the amount of which would be returned to those who appeal, if such claim is approved, presenting grounds for the facts and providing evidence or arguments.


Each participant upon registration accepts these regulations and their physical conditions.

Authorizes the organization to make use of its image rights for the edition of graphic and audiovisual report of the event, provided that it is for promotional or communication purposes of the event