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The TRANS ESPADAN MTB is a mountain bike cycle tour in the Alto Palancia and Alto Mijares regions, organized by Geo-Planet and CULT BIKES, the municipalities of Jérica and Montanejos. Its objective, to become a reference for teams and individuals who want to accumulate kilometers in the fantastic scenery of the Espadán Natural Park, where the weather is usually benign and favorable for the practice of MTB and other outdoor activities.
It is located north of the Sierra de Espadán and runs through the municipalities of Navajas, Vall de Almonacid, Matet, Torralba del Pinar, Fuentes de Ayodar, Cirat, Arañuel, Montanejos, Montán, Pina de Montalgrao, Benafer and Jérica and intends to energize from the sports tourism in the interior of Castellón.

It will be held on November 10 and 11, 2018 and consists of two stages, with a total distance of approximately 140km and 4500m. of altitude accumulated in two stages.
The TRANS ESPADAN MTB is also an ideal sporting march to prepare the beginning of the season or end the season and accumulate kilometers, a complete weekend of Mountain Bike, tourism and nature, with extra sports activities for both participants and companions, technical talks, discharge massages, kayaking, climbing, spa, natural hot springs, etc. In addition, the test energizes the interior territory through sports tourism, trying to ensure that the event has a favorable economic impact on the regions that travels in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
The FIRST STAGE, 65 km. Departing from Montanejos, at 10:00 a.m. and finish in the municipality of Jérica, from 2:00 p.m. and has a drop of 2100m. approx. With a maximum altitude of 1400m on Monte Pina
The SECOND STAGE, 75km. With a departure from the municipality of Jérica, at 9.00 a.m. and finish line in Navajas, from 14.00hr. with a height difference of 2400m with a maximum altitude of 918m, lower than the previous stage but it has a saw profile that makes it the same or more demanding.
Both routes are of great beauty and combine dirt tracks, paths, some asphalted roads and avoiding asphalt as much as possible, making the crossings in urban centers where traffic will be regulated and it will be essential to obey traffic agents or volunteers. It is made known through this regulation that through the Espadán Natural Park it is forbidden to walk on paths.

The minimum age to participate is 15 years old on the same day of the race. Children under 18 will need to bring signed authorization from their parents or guardians.
It is not mandatory that participants are in possession of the federal cycling license but for those who do not have it, they will be required to take out an accident and civil liability insurance for both days, provided by the organization and will increase the cost of registration.
The maximum time to perform the march will be 9 hours per stage. After that time the participant who decides to continue will be under their responsibility.
To qualify for trophies and raffles, participants must go through all controls in the maximum time established.
Signaling and circulation
The course of the march will be duly marked with arrows, tapes and vertical signals that will be removed once the test is finished, although given the length of the path a low density and environmental impact marking will be made and the organization will have support and protection vehicles to the participants, as well as motorcycles and opening and signaling cars, broom car, ambulance, civil protection and medical service ..

The route WILL NOT BE CLOSED TO THE TRAFFIC AND FREE CIRCULATION OF AGRICULTURAL VEHICLES, therefore, all participants are obliged to comply with road safety regulations, being responsible for the infractions they could commit.
The organization authorizes the circulation of sanitary vehicles or support of the test, accredited for it, not being responsible for the vehicles that want to accompany the test outside the organization.
The organization offers registration in:

2 STAGES mode (€ 75) and INDIVIDUAL STAGE (€ 38).

Registration will be made in advance through the CronoK30 pages and all the information will be available on the geo-planet website.

Registration entitles you to:

-Feeding zone en route (1 by Chef Kike Peris per stage)

-Luggage transfer between stages by the organization

-Mechanical route point

-Support vehicle

-Download massage

.-Track of the 2 stages.

-Selfwash / greased bicycle at the end.

.-Wardrobe and storage.

-Commemorative garment and trophy option.

Daily classification and categories:

The organization establishes an informative classification with the times of each of the two stages and which will be added at the end of the test. The bike race consists of the following categories:


ELITE 3 First classified and 3 first classified from 18 to 29 years

MASTER 30 3 First classified and 3 first classified from 30 to 39 years

MASTER 40 3 First classified and 3 first classified from 40 to 49 years

MASTER 50+ 3 First classified and 3 first classified over 50 years

TEAMS 1st team for small teams and 1st team for small teams

The teams may be formed up to a maximum of 4 people of the same or different sex, the times of both stages will be added and the timing of the last component of the team to enter the finish line will be taken into account. The last component may not enter more than 30 ’of the rest of the team.

-Obligatory: Helmet / Mobile with load / Liquid provisioning / Camera and tools / dorsal listed

-Recommendable: Light (several tunnels are passed in Montanejos-Navajas stage) GPS with the track.

. • Payment Returns:

Up to 15 days before departure: 100% of the registration fee

Last 15 days 75% of the registration fee

The brokers who decide to leave are in the OBLIGATION to COMMUNICATE it to the phones provided by the organization, otherwise, the search, rescue costs will be passed on to the participant.

The Trans Espadán, offers the runners the possibility to visit places of great beauty, such as the Natural Park of Espadán, but they are also areas with a high vulnerability, so the biker must be respectful with the environment, being STRICTLY PROHIBITED to throw out of the places enabled for it or generating damage in the natural environment. Failure to comply with this rule may mean the disqualification of the participant by the organization. It is also forbidden to alter the environment. They may also be grounds for disqualification for missing sports ethics and morals, disobedience to the authorities, security means or organizers.

Image rights:
The participant, through registration, agrees to assign the image rights to the organization for the graphic and audiovisual dissemination of the event.


The Trans Espadán itinerary requires a demanding physical condition and adequate training to carry out the challenge. The registration by the biker implies that the organization is aware of it and is fully empowered to complete it, so it will be responsible for its performance and will assume risks that involve participating in the Trans Espadán, freeing the organization from responsibilities arising from accidents or incidents even with third parties.

The event has accident insurance for non-federated participants and third party Civil Liability insurance. It is the responsibility of each participant to contract the insurance of the test or to be in possession of the federation license in cycling. If necessary for just cause or force majeure, the organization would reserve the right to modify the itinerary, controls, schedules, supplies and these regulations. If the security agents decide to stop the biker on the steps, streets or crossings for traffic reasons, it will be essential to comply with these instructions, otherwise the cyclist will be disqualified.

Enrolling in this event means complying with the regulations by the participant.

The organization reserves the right to cancel-postpone the test if due to force majeure is necessary.

Security plan:

A safety plan that includes escape routes in case of fire will be attached to the corridor guide. The support vehicles will be equipped with fire extinguishers and mobile telephony to be communicated during the event and the technical talk will inform about preventive means.



Bag collection in KIBIKES (Avda. Peris y Valero, No. 77 of Valencia), Tel. 960 01 49 77
quiqueclemente@hotmail.com. It is also the mechanical test service for those who want to reserve a BIKE TUNING.


7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Collection of bibs and technical briefing stage I at Hotel Xauen de Montanejos
8:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Stretching session and thermal bath in the Spa or hot springs (included in registration for participants)
9.00 p.m. Pasta dinner by each participant (establishments that make pasta will be informed)

From 9 to 9.45 hours, collection of bibs, signature control and delivery of luggage at Hotel Xauen de Montanejos
10.00 a.m. Departure neutralized from Plaza de Montanejos
13.30hrs. first forecast, 15.00hrs. Last forecast to arrive in Jerica
19.00hr Technical briefing stage II at Randurías Jérica Restaurant
9.00 p.m. Pasta dinner by each participant

7:45 to 8:45 Luggage delivery in Plaza Armas de Jérica
9.00 a.m. Departure from Jérica
13.30hrs first forecast, 16.00hrs. Last forecast to arrive in Montanejos
16.00 Trophy delivery



10.00 Montanejos

10.30 Montán

11.45 Pina de Montalgrao

12.30 Benafer

12.45 First step through Jérica

13:30 Jérica (Goal)


9:00 Jérica

9:20 Navajas

9:50 Vall d’Almonacid

10:45 Matet

11:20 Torralba del Pinar

11:50 Fuentes de Ayodar

13:05 Cirat