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More that 15 years organizing sport events in different disciplines

What we do

We organise marathons around the world: Nepal, Mexico, Finland, Morocco, Peru and Tanzania

The Wildmarathon Series is the most varied running circuit on the planet. You will have the opportunity to run on snow in the arctic, sand in the desert, rock in the mountains, dirt in the savannah, and asphalt and beach sand in the jungle. In addition, we work with the most important logistics tour operators and the best hotels in each destination.

So that everyone who wants to experience it can do it, we offer three ways to complete the challenge: marathon, half marathon or 10k.

If you complete all 6 races we offer, we will award you the All Terrain trophy and you will be listed in an honorary club. Are you up for the challenge?

We enjoy sport and get to know new cultures

Exploring cultures through sport is an enriching and educational experience. Each marathon becomes a window into new traditions. By immersing ourselves in diversity we learn valuable lessons about respect, teamwork and the beauty of cultural variety.

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Discover different

Sports director and guide in Wildmarathon

Apolo Esperanza

Join the Wildmarathon family, you won't regret it

If you want to live unforgettable experiences, enjoy sport in wonderful corners of the world, join Wildmarathon.

We are known for offering personalised services, taking care of every detail and accompanying the participant throughout the whole process.

From transfers from the airport to the hotel, to the race, to the coordination of extra activities. We do everything with love and respect.

Also, I have been a triathlon coach and can help you achieve your dream. If you want a personalised training plan, write to us.

Together we live such unforgettable moments that we end up becoming a family. What are you waiting for to join us?

Our best moments

Running through the jungle, riding camels in the desert, learning about new cultures and much more.

Do you want to experience it too?

Wildmarathon also means solidarity

We will contribute a percentage of your registration deposit to the Hope Path cause

We are aware that we are going to live some of the most intense experiences of our lives in places of great beauty. But they are also vulnerable places or places that need development aid and schooling. We have a moral duty to give something back to those countries that contribute to making us happy. We contribute with a percentage of your registration to the Hope Path cause with local iniciatives

Hospital construction

Build new hospitals and rebuild those destroyed, for example, by the Nepal earthquake in 2015.

Water purification station

Working to ensure access to safe water for all to bring health and well-being

Support of local artistic and cultural heritage

Empower communities to safeguard their artistic heritage, ensuring that future generations can enjoy and learn from it.

Beach cleaning and environmental research assistance

Caring for the environment through different actions such as cleaning up beach waste and environmental research.

Protection of marine and terrestrial fauna

Preserve habitats, mitigate threats and promote harmonious coexistence between species and the environment.

Want to know more about the Wildmarathon Series?

Contact us!

If you would like to find out more about any of our events, our services, what’s included in your registration, tips on marathon preparation and much more, please contact us.

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