ARCTIC MARATHON FINLAND. 7th. April 2023. Temp. -5ºC to -12ºC Arctic Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k, takes you to the most authentic of Finnish Lapland. The race starts from the village square of Santa Claus village, in Rovaniemi, where exactly the line of the Arctic Circle is located. The race takes place between semi-urban sectors combined with the coniferous forest and the crossing of some frozen river. In addition to running, the organization offers experiences such as trip on sleds pulled by Huskies or seeing the Northern Boreal Lights while we will be staying in 4* Finnish-style bungalows with sauna, all meals and all the comforts, airport transfers, party awards trophies, artic marathon jacket, finisher medal and much more. Discover the program, race rules, maps, and everything that this extraordinary arctic experience offers below.

Positive Elevation
Negative Elevation
Asphalt in %
Dirt covered by snow



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