10 Tips to run a Marathon in Nepal (Himalayas)

If you have ever dreamed of running in the Himalayas, here are some tips

1.- Plan your race with a coach taking into account four variables: distance, accumulated slope, altitude and temperature.

2.-Arrive at the race date super-compensated physically, that is, follow your training plan but don’t arrive overtrained, rest and activate gently the days before.

3.-If possible, reconnoitre the circuit the days before the race to see the circuit and test yourself physically, in a gentle way.

4.-Equip yourself appropriately. Running a marathon in the Annapurnas of Nepal means moving at altitudes from 2000 to 5000m altitude. If you start at a high altitude and soon you will have to wear clothing for temperatures down to -5ºC and perhaps at the finish line, the temperature can vary up to around 20ºC.

5.-Take care of acclimatization. If you can adapt for several days, gaining 500 to 1000m of altitude daily, it will help you overcome altitude sickness.

6.-Climb high, sleep low; This is a condition that facilitates rest at altitude. You have to gain height gradually every day but descend a little when looking for a place to sleep. Choose an organizer or tour operator who takes this into account in your itinerary.

7.-Take care of your diet: It is essential during your day to day life but even more so in the days before the race. The night before the marathon it is advisable to fill your carbohydrate stores with pasta, rice, potatoes… avoiding saturated fats.

8.-Do not neglect hydration: especially in an environment like the mountains, where dehydration is frequent. Meets the purpose of drinking a daily minimum.

9.-If you can start your marathon in Nepal downhill, much better. At altitudes above 2000m it is difficult to ascend because oxygen is scarce in the air and fatigue is very high. Descending gradually is healthier.

10.-On the day of the marathon, enjoy your running experience. You’ve done your homework and all you have to do is run focused but having fun. Observe the landscape, try to soak up the local culture and think how privileged you are to run in such an exceptional place on the planet.

The Yeti Marathon Nepal meets the requirements of this marathon trip:

.-It offers you the possibility to follow a

 customized training plan adapted to the features of the Yeti Marathon Nepal.

.-It allows you to recognize the circuit with a 5-day trek prior to the race.

.-During Trekking each day you gradually gain altitude to facilitate acclimatization
.-In each stage they have shelters or camps whe

re they can achieve the objective; climb high and sleep low

.-Yeti Marathon brings cooks and logistical equipment to take care of your food and nutrition, as well as daily hydration.

.-The race normally runs downhill, with more negative than positive gradients. It starts at 5000m altitude in a marathon and at 3600m in a half marathon.
.-The organization offers refreshment stations and parking places where you can leave a jacket, hat or gloves if the temperature rises as you descend and pick it up at the finish line.
.-Yeti marathon is a

 running experience, at the finish line you will enjoy the company of Nepalese Buddhist monks, you will collect your finisher medal, your customized jacket and you will be able to cross the finish line with the flag of your country.

More information about the event in this video.