First edition of the Arctic Marathon Finland

Keri Jones and Ingrid Rosmalen winners of the first edition of the Arctic Marathon Finland held in the Santa Claus Village of Rovaniemi in a running experience during the first weekend of april 2022.

The winners were Keri Jones (UK 3:34.12) and Ingrid Rosmalen (Holland 3:4820) in Marathon, Rudolf Pipis (Hungary 1:47.35) and Patricia Jones (UK 3:27.36) in half marathon, Marta Padilla/Roger Viñas (Spain 2:02.21) in half marathon team and María Esperanza (Spain 1:02.46) in 10k have won this first edition in a circuit that combined forest, semi-urban and frozen riverbank sectors.

But the best thing, without a doubt, has been the atmosphere of camaraderie lived among the participants of 9 nationalities, living a unique marathon travel running experience, meeting Santa Claus, enjoying huskies sleding or walking looking for the northern lights.Congrats to all the finishers and thanks to Santa Claus Village for the support given.You can follow the classification and itinerary in,#wildmarathon,#santaclausholidayvillage,#santaclausvillage,#worldsmarathon